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PHOTO RETOUCH (72hr Turnaround)

PHOTO RETOUCH (72hr Turnaround)

Photo Retouch Service. Please allow 72 hours to recieve edited photos.

Please upload original photos without edits or alterations. Photos should be clear and of good quality. We will do our best with what the client provides. 


What's Included: 

Skin Retouching, blemishes, make-up retouch (recolor, blending, contour), face reshape, body reshape, Height Adjustment, Lighting/Exposure Adjustment (results may vary)


If your photo requires unicorn tears, pixie dust or any other type of magic there will be an extra charge 😊. Thank you for your business, please tag in your posts.

  • **WARNING **

    We cannot improve resolution quality. If you upload a blurry photo, you will recieve a blurry photo back. Price is for retouching only. If you require extra alterations there is an extra charge.

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